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We Offer Life Insurance in Waco, Texas and surrounding areas

Secured First Financial is an independent insurance agency.

We offer life insurance, mortgage protection insurance, and retirement annuities in Waco, Temple, Killeen, Belton, Round Rock, Austin, Fort Worth, Dallas, and San Angelo, Texas areas.  You may not be aware but there are well over a1000 insurance companies.  As a service to you, we shop to find the best top rated companies, options, and pricing available.  Let us do the work for you.

We know that as your family and assets grow so does your risk. This is why we offer mortgage protection solutions that pay off your home in the event of your death. Our life insurance solutions can provide money to your family to cover any debts, funeral, money for college for your children, and even replace income that will be lost to your family in the event of your death.  When it comes to retirement, we offer safe solutions that protect your money from market loss with double digit interest potential when the market goes up.  

Let us help you with your mortgage protection, life insurance, and retirement needs. Get life insurance in Waco, Texas today!

Secured First Financial offers the following solutions:

Mortgage Protection

Mortgage Protection Insurance in Waco, Texas

Our solutions for mortgage protection pay off your mortgage at death with additional features that allow use the coverage while you are alive and even have a money back option. 

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Life Insurance

Life Insurance in Waco, Texas

We offer many different types of life insurance like term, whole life, final expense life, non medical life insurance, guaranteed coverage life, life insurance with living benefits, and indexed universal life insurance. Many of our life insurance policies have living benefits that allow you to use your policy while you are alive. See Jessica's video at the bottom of the page to see how living benefits can benefit you.​

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Retirement help in Waco, Texas

When it comes to retirement we focus on safe vehicles. We use different life and fixed indexed annuities that offer downside protection from market loss along with the upside potential of the market.

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