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Learn How LegalShield Can Help You!

Protect your business, protect your family with a LegalShield Membership in Waco, Texas!  

Have you ever heard: “If it’s your dream and your business, you need to be responsible for protecting it.” “It’s not how much you make, it’s how much you keep that counts.” LegalShield’s Legal Plan protects your most important assets—your business and your family!

For Your Business

• Set up your business properly


• Hiring an assistant*

• Incorporating

• Disputes

• Contract reviews

• Protecting assets/intellectual property

• Brand building/protection

• Advertising laws

• Debt collection assistance

• Letters and phone calls on your behalf

For Your Family

• Get your Will drafted

• Help with moving traffic violations

• Assistance and representation if you are sued

• Contract reviews

• Letters and phone calls on your behalf

• Document review

• Uncontested separation, divorce and adoption

• Trial defense