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Fixed Indexed Annuity Retirement Options in Waco, Texas


At Secured First Financial we use strategies that give you the upside potential of the stock market without the risk of downside loss. We used some of the top indexed annuities for retirement options in Waco, Texas  that are available on the market today to accomplish this.

Indexed Annuities are also referred to as fixed indexed annuities, because they have safety of a fixed annuity but with greater potential to accumulate interest. These annuities are linked to an index for example the S&P 500, Shiller Barclays Cape US, BNP Paribas, Russell 2000, a Global Blend, or some other index or combination of indices. The annuity company will credit interest based on which index the annuity is linked to. If the index was positive during the interest crediting period, than the indexed annuity will have positive interest credited. If the index is negative then no interest will be crediting, and this is where the downside protection applies from a built in floor.This way the value of your annuity won't decrease in value.  Any interest that is earned is locked in and this will be your new starting point for the next interest crediting period. Interest crediting periods can rang from 1, 2,3, or even 5 years depending on the annuity. If you were to withdrawal 100% of your money out of your annuity before the term is up then a surrender penalty would apply. 

 With the ups and downs of the stock market, many of people are tired of hoping they will recover what they have lost when the market goes down. You may not have time to wait and don't want to risk what you have saved up through your 401K, IRA, Mutual Funds,  or Stocks. Whether your looking to create a guaranteed income for life, accumulation, or to leave money behind, we can help. 

Types of Indexed Annuites

Indexed Annuity Types

​We offer the following types of Indexed Annuites in the Waco, Killeen, Temple, Belton, Texas areas:

  • Accumulation
  • Income 
  • Death Benefit

Income Annuities are used for many things:

  • ​For Downside Market Loss Protection and with Upside Accumulation Potential
  • Income for Life that you can't outlive
  • Passing on Money to your loved ones at death


Depending on your needs there may be a lot of options. Most indexed annuities are for 10 year terms, but if an emergency should happen, you have access to a portion or if an terminal illness, all of the money in your annuity without penalty. If you choose an income annuity, you can even start a guaranteed income stream in the year one. Some indexed annuities provide a bonus, while others may provide a higher interest percentage on the accumulation amount. 

At Secured First Financial we want to make sure you understand the pros and cons of using an indexed annuity for accumulating interest, building an income for life, or passing money on to your family.  Our agents will meet with you to figure out the best way an indexed annuity can benefit you.  Rest assured, our financial representatives conduct reviews yearly, so you can see how your annuity is doing. 

Since we are independent we have a lot of options to choose from. We can search over 3000 top rated companies for you. This way we can find the best indexed annuities on the market today. If you would like to learn more about indexed annuities give us a call or fill in our information below.

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